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Our guarantee: if even one bed bug reappears in the next 6 months, we’ll kill it for free.

Heat treatments + 2 pesticide sprays = no more bed bugs.

Bed bugs and eggs often survive chemical sprays. High-temp heat treatments combined with our pesticide strategy is a safe method for kids & dogs and an environmentally friendly way to exterminate all bugs and eggs.



DIY extermination equipment rentals

Save on costs by ending the infestation yourself – with our heat equipment rentals. We offer mattress casings and other add-ons for the DIY option.

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Bed Bug Extermination in Southeastern Wisconsin

Beware of fake home remedies

Mothballs don’t work. Dryer sheets spread the bugs out, making things worse.

Some pest control companies swoop in, take your money, and fail to kill all the bugs and eggs.

Don’t rely on a few bed bug traps to kill everything. Get complete bed bug extermination for your home, business, or apartment. With our full-service package, you get high-tech equipment with guaranteed results from Bed Bugs 911.

BB 911 Safe, Effective, Reliable Heat Treatments for Bed Bug extermination

Discrete Bed Bug Extermination in Southeastern Wisconsin

Whether you’re seeing the first “smoking gun” evidence or already getting bite after bite, call the professionals. You don’t need fumigation companies with house-covering tarps – call Bed Bugs 911 to get a discrete bed bug killer.

We’ll advise you on prep for the treatment such as how to clean your clothes so bugs don’t escape with you to bomb your home with a second infestation. Stop the itch. Stop the bites. End the bug nests in your mattress, couch, and home.
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Bed Bugs 911 Founder & Bug Slayer

Aaron Lunn is a firefighter and a landlord. When one of his renters got bed bugs, Aaron researched solutions and learned about the power of heat treatments – the most advanced strategy of bed bug warfare.

He went through Convectex’s Bed Bug Education and Training classes in Arizona and came back to Wisconsin as a bed bug assassin.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Southeastern Wisconsin
Bed Bug Pest Control in Southeastern Wisconsin

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